Free Questions!

In the 2010 National Geographic Bee®, six of the ten finalists used our questions to prepare and first place finisher Aadith Moorthy, Florida, used our state level and national level books purchased by his father.
In the 2009 National Geographic Bee®, four of the ten finalists used our questions to prepare and third place finisher Shantan Krovvidi, North Carolina, used every available publication we sell.
Between 2006 and 2009 Global Press, LLC. expanded its initial three books with nine more. In April, 2009, the first mailing selling those twelve books was made to the Finalists for the 2009 bee.
In 2006 Finals, Neeraj Sirdeshmukh, New Hampshire, placed second and had received over 7,000 questions from Global Press, LLC. by FAX, Federal Express and mail.

–in the Finals he missed a question about the Cambrian Mts. that appears in Geography Baseball II

San Diego County Geography Olympiad, sponsored by the California Geography Alliance, successfully used Geography Baseball in 1997, 2001 and 2003
Since 1993 Global Press, LLC. has sold BOOKS in all 50 states and along with Canada, Germany, Mexico, Japan and Philippines.
Aadith’s Story

First Floridian to win the 22-year history of the National Geography Bee and National Geographic Bee

–acquired an interest in geography on trips with his family to Australia and France

–Aadith initially wrote down 50 questions a day, then to 20 questions daily in prep for the state
–for four months (after receiving our books in February) he studied 20 new facts each day

-his history teacher sent questions to other teachers each day, those teachers in turn would quiz him throughout the day to reinforce the information

–after the National Geographic Bee, Subramaniam Moorthy called Global Press, LLC. and informed us that two of the finals questions were in our books