Free Questions!

How to Prepare for the National Geography Bee

Q. More than three-fourths of Canada’s farmlands are in what group of provinces?

A. Prairie Provinces

Q. Which country of the world has over fifteen percent of the world’s livestock, yet is not one of the top ten producers of meat?

A. India

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Q. What is the Gaelic name for the “Emerald Isle”?

A. Eire

Q. Name the western desert of Egypt which is actually part of the Sahara Desert.

A. Libyan Desert

Geography Baseball 2

Q. Wizard Island is a small cone-shaped volcano that lies inside what large caldera and famous Oregon site?

A. Crater Lake

Q. What small shrimplike crustaceans inhabit the cold waters of the southern hemisphere near Antarctica?

A. Krill

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Q. What city on the Turia River rests where the mouth meets the Mediterranean, making it a Spanish port?

A. Valencia

Q. What city of Peru is a commercial center for southern Peru and northern Bolivia, while being known as “The White City”?

A. Arequipa

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Q. The Nelson River starts at the head of the Bow River in which Canadian province?

A. Alberta

Q. Hot springs and crater lakes dot what French plateau made of crystalline rock and granite?

A. Massif Central

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Q. The Danakil Desert is located mainly in what country of Africa?

A. Ethiopia

Q. Constanta is a port city of what country touching the Black Sea?

A. Romania

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Q. Name the first continental Eastern African country crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn when traveling form right to left on a globe?

A. Mozambique

Q. Kosrae, Ponape, Truk, and Yap make up what entity of four states of Oceania?

A. Federated States of Micronesia

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Q. Upper and Lower St. Anthony Falls is located on the Mississippi River in which U.S. city?

A. Minneapolis

Q. Jersey City, New Jersey, stands on the West Bank of what river?

A. Hudson River

Bee Prep 2

Q. What is the largest island of the British Isles?

A. Great Britain

Q. After Stockholm, which city has the largest population in Sweden?

A. Goteberg

Bee Prep 3

Q. What is the only country of Southeast Asia to never have been ruled by a western power?

A. Thailand

Q. The Kara Kum, the largest desert in Central Asia, covers what country?

A. Turkmenistan

Bee Prep 4

Q. Which U.S. state lies farther north:  Nebraska, Iowa, or Illinois?

A. Iowa

Q. Which island is larger:  Hawaii or Kodiak Island?

A. Hawaii

Bee Prep 5

Q. The island of Bonaire is part of what group in the Caribbean?

A. Netherland Antilles

Q. Identify the language of the Inca Empire, now widely spoken throughout the Andean countries.

A. Quechua

Bee Prep 6

Q. Timbuktu lies near what receding river in northern Africa?

A. Niger River

Q. What independent state in the Indian Ocean is made up of two main islands and whose capital is Port Louis?

A. Mauritius